The Empathetic Canine Part 2: Ode to the Governor

Our beloved dog.  The dog that spared us loneliness with his companionship. The dog that saved my husband by pulling him out of the depths of his grief by patiently licking his face and slowly curling his way into his heart becoming a best friend and confidante.  A gem found amongst a gaggle of pups at the Washington Animal Rescue League.


13 years of excessive hours dedicated to his exercise regime and training.  A tail rehabilitation. A happy-go-lucky dog that immediately turned into my secret service the moment I became pregnant with our first child; followed by 7 years of becoming a guardian, a climb toy, a pillow, and a security blanket for all 3 of our kids.


The day we brought the Gov home – just a wee 4 month old pup

Governor was a dream dog. The kind of dog that you imagine for your family. someone who ran with me everyday and kept me motivated because he had to have his exercise.  A big, soulful-eyed hound dog who loved to roam the woods, and swim at the beach and lap the kiddos.  He could run for hours and then would sleep for double that.  He loved to while the day away on the porch with the wind blowing through his ears.

Those close to us know how integral this dog was to our family. On our wedding day, the best man at our wedding delivered our speech as Governor having written us a letter since he couldn’t be at the wedding with us.

We will miss him and we will grieve him and we will honor that coonhound who changed our life for the better.