5 for Friday


  1. The media coverage has simmered but the people are still suffering.  Consider donating to the victims of Hurricane Matthew.  Between 2010’s earthquake, a current cholera epidemic and now the aftermath of a hurricane, Haitians have experienced too much devastation. Charity Navigator offers a list of appropriate and responsible organizations contributing to the support efforts in Haiti.  St. Boniface Haiti, Direct Relief and Save the Chiildren are among some of the highest rated groups helping in Haiti.
  2. Transitioning to fluffier stuff – RFK Kitchen; Needham’s newest, hottest spot in town.  We will be enjoying the delicious fare in a few hours.
  3. A little goal for myself is to start including restorative classes into my yoga practice. I must move beyond the thought that if the yoga class doesn’t challenge me physically then I don’t need it.  A restorative class can be healing in such a deeper sense. Nicole Clark of Down Under Yoga is a gifted body worker and each experience with her teaching is incredible.
  4. Food for thought.
  5. Slim Aarons – ‘nuf said.