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Take 5 for Friday

WOOOHOOOOOOOO It’s the weekend!  Not only is it the weekend but it’s also Weekend # 9 of my 300 Hour Teacher Training at Down Under Yoga. I am so looking forward to it!

  1. Time Magazine’s most influential yogi, Patricia Walden, has been a practitioner for years, an inspiration to the yogi community, and a meticulous and methodical Iyengar teacher.  She’s also my teacher this Saturday for a backbending workshop. Talk about #blessed!
  2.  I just devoured this raw veggie lasagna from Stacy’s Juice Bar for lunch. I don’t know what’s better this delightful lunch or the kale tahini salad.
  3. This powder room is really making me reconsider my current paint. I am loving greens right now and Benjamin Moore’s Vintage Vogue may be just what I need to satiate my green craving. I’m doing it. I’m definitely doing it.                                                                                     
  4. So true So true. It’s especially important when watching the election coverage. Yikes.  When my kids tease each other I reprimand the teaser but explain to the recipient that the words only have power if you give them power (easier said than done, I know), but a teaser only teases when there’s a response. Like everything it requires practice and patience; working on both is my tapas.                                                                                                                                
  5. Apple picking in MA. Here’s a link to the best and a #FBF of my little lady and me picking apples.








Take 5 for Friday


  • Blue Apron: We started Blue Apron this week as an experiment. I enjoy cooking but needed a little infusion of culinary inspiration after a summer of casual meals.  I’ll blog about my thoughts on Blue Apron after my 4 week trial is complete.
  • Pisces Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse: I am neither an astronomer nor an astrologist so I recommend visiting Mind Body Green for a more detailed description of this phenomenon.  My explanation is “wow, look at that sweet moon.” This is the time to let go of things that do not serve your life.  Coincidentally if you were in my class last week this was the theme.
  • Zen Shorts: I just bought this book for my kids. It tells the story of Stillwater, a large cuddly Panda, who teaches 3 children to look at the life from different perspectives.  If you have kids or teach kid yoga add this to your library.
  • The Wiggles: I’m taking the 3 kiddos to the Wiggles show so our littlest guy can experience Australia’s greatest export.
  • My post-Wiggles cocktail.  I mean, c’mon, I love those Aussies but a delightful refreshing St. Germain cocktail will and must be consumed after the show.  photo courtesy of Chase the Flavors.