6 Ways to Live Like a Yogi in the New Year

Yoga translated from Sanskrit means “to yoke” or “to join” – simply said, a union.   Yoga is an aid in our life to help us be our best selves; to unite the mind, body, and spirit.  It’s not all juice fasts and lotus meditations, and it’s certainly not a sanctimonious attitude.   The following are some simple and some more challenging suggestions to live like a yogi in 2015.

1. Drink Hot Water & Lemon              


Daily Beauty Blotter

Everyone is talking about it…and we can all do it!  This little addition to my morning routine is an easy, breezy contribution to the “yogic” life with lots of advantages; chockablock full of vitamin C to boost immunity and improve skin, detoxifying and hydrating for the body, breath freshening, etc, etc….  Even if the magical qualities of lemon and water is overhyped, the conscious decision to start my day on the right foot contributes to overall virtuous choices throughout the remainder of the day.
Quite simply, if Gisele is doing it, count me in.




2. Practice Yoga 

This one seems fairly obvious, but a daily 90 minute yoga session is not always feasible.   On the other hand, a 5 min sun salutation to start the day or few nighttime asanas can offer the same valuable quiet moments of breath work for harmony and rejuvenation.


3. Maintain a clean & uncluttered home                                 

shutterstock_1492489A peaceful space leads to a peaceful mind.  Check out my previous post for suggestions.


4. Be Kind

One of the five yamas, or virtues of yoga, is ahimsa; translated from Sanskrit as “not to injure”.  Show compassion for all living things, including oneself.  To practice ahimsa we embrace non-violence to ourselves and to others in our thoughts, our actions, and in our words.  Each time we say namaste we are recognizing the beauty in other people.  Keep that sentiment with you in your daily interactions.

5. Eat Whole Foods                                                  


pinch of yum

It is hard these days to always eat whole foods.  We are so busy and there are so many easier alternatives in the world of cooking.  If cooking isn’t your thing, try integrating this one slowly or make very simple meals – salads, 3 ingredient soups.  for those who like to cook, organization is very helpful.  plan out meals for the week, make some ahead, and freeze for really busy weeks.  Try some of these recipes to kickstart healthy eating.
6. Indulge…occassionally.



Life is short. ‘nough said